Know the sandblasting process

Understanding the process of sandblasting.

Sandblasting is a process of cleaning the surface by means of firing particles (sand) to a material surface, causing friction or collision, then the surface will be clean and rough, with a degree of roughness can be adapted also with sand size and pressure.

Of the collision and friction of sand particles in this case it will produce a certain roughness on the surface of the object.

The advantage of using sandblasting process

Then why sandblasting selected ? Because this method also can simultaneously clean the surface of the material contaminated by various impurities, such as rust, salt, fungus and corrosion.

“Sandblasting can also make the surface more rough , so that the new paint can adhere better”.

Sandblasting :

  1. Cleaning materials iron / metal contaminated with rust and other.
  2. Peeling old paint that has been damaged or defaced. Sandblasting process used to remove the old paint on the surface of the object to be painted again aims to obtain a flat surface and thin so as to produce a new surface a good paint.
  3. Creating a profile (roughness) on the surface of the metal, so that paint is attached.





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