Wood Finishing

Wood finishing is the process of painting on wood or wood products.

The function of the wood finishing is to extend the life of the wood itself and prevent it from enlarging and cracking wood. In addition, the surface of the wood will look wonderful and enjoyable for a long time. Without wood finishing your wood will dry out and change your furniture becomes deformed, beautiful views and reduce the use value of the wood itself.

Do not miss a step for wood finishing is good because it is one of the basic elements for your wood durability

Roof Coating

Why Should Roof Coating Roof ?

Coating will extend the life of the roof, by reducing heat transfer into the building, reducing thermal shock ( thermal expansion and contraction of the roof membrane ), and helps to reduce leakage, also can reduce heat energy and improve the aesthetics of the roof.

What type of roof that can be coated ?

Almost all types of roofs can be coated. Some examples include metal, spray polyurethane, single-ply, modified bitumen, Built-up Roof (BUR) system, etc,

How coating applied ?

The coating can be applied using spray, roller or brush.

How does preparing surfaces for coating roof ?

Roofs should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry thoroughly. This is an important step to ensuring a successful coating applications. Be careful not to damage the layer. Care must be taken when the pressure washing is not intrusive, especially the underlying integrity of the roofing membrane where there are layers.

Do roof coating can extend the life of the roof ?

Yes. Layer into the first layer of UV and waterproofing for roofs, and helping to reduce expansion and contraction ( thermal shock ) on the roof.

Is the roof can be re-coated in the future ?

Yes. The longer the coating will dry, then additional layers can be applied, most of the coating system that can be renewed and sustained.

Can coating survive in waterlogged conditions ?

It depends on the layer. All roofs should be designed and constructed to have positive drainage and do not allow puddles. Some coatings are designed to withstand conditions of inundation, but not all levels will withstand these conditions.

How to care for a layer ?

It is recommended that the roof includes a layer checked every six months and after a major storm or strong winds. Additional coatings may need to be applied to repair damage  to the lining of the roof and the underlying substrate.

Is it necessary or applicator roof coating can do it yourself ?

The coating can be applied by experienced applicators roof coating. Applicators are strongly advised if there is a problem such as a leak there, wet insulation, broken roof, etc.

You can contact cs@proteksindo.co.id who are experienced in their field applicator.






Anti Corrotion Coating

Anti Corrotion Coating protects metallic components against degradation due to humidity, salt, oxidation or exposure to various chemicals or industrial environments. Anti corrotion coating allows for additional protection of the metal surface and acts as a barrier to prevent contact between chemicals or corrosive materials. Many of the coatings that provide a bonus of abrasion resistance, non-stick performance and chemical protection.

When the metal material is put into a corrosive environment, they tend to have a chemical reaction with air and / or water. Corrosion effects become apparent on the surface of the material. For example, after putting the iron into a corrosive atmosphere for a long period of time, the iron rusting due to interaction of oxygen with water at the surface of this iron.

Reduce metal equipment every preventive action ( anti-corrosive ), because equipment may become corroded metal inside and out, depending on atmospheric conditions and how much equipment is exposed to air. There are several methods to prevent corrosion, especially in marine applications. Step-by-step anti-corrosion is very important in an environment where high humidity, fog, and salt is the deciding factor.

Coating with anti-corrosive metal components have the possibility of ensuring the longest lifespan. Because the metal components to run applications that hardware, metal coating provides corrosion protection coatings are most widely used in the industry.

Know the sandblasting process

Understanding the process of sandblasting.

Sandblasting is a process of cleaning the surface by means of firing particles (sand) to a material surface, causing friction or collision, then the surface will be clean and rough, with a degree of roughness can be adapted also with sand size and pressure.

Of the collision and friction of sand particles in this case it will produce a certain roughness on the surface of the object.

The advantage of using sandblasting process

Then why sandblasting selected ? Because this method also can simultaneously clean the surface of the material contaminated by various impurities, such as rust, salt, fungus and corrosion.

“Sandblasting can also make the surface more rough , so that the new paint can adhere better”.

Sandblasting :

  1. Cleaning materials iron / metal contaminated with rust and other.
  2. Peeling old paint that has been damaged or defaced. Sandblasting process used to remove the old paint on the surface of the object to be painted again aims to obtain a flat surface and thin so as to produce a new surface a good paint.
  3. Creating a profile (roughness) on the surface of the metal, so that paint is attached.





Luxury minimalist house paint color front

Luxury Minimalist House Paint Color Front

The house with a minimalist concept or model of the shape of the house of the most popular today. Starting from a small minimalist ho,e, up to house large minimalist and luxurious. To create a minimalist home is large and luxurious look more attractive, house paint color selection really needs attention, especially the selection of paint colors looks ahead. To create a minimalist home design looks luxurious on the front, then you can choose the color according to some of the following :

  1. Popular house paint colors

To create a minimalist home design luxury on the looks front look more beautiful and charming, you can choose colors that are currently popular or color that is being widely applied in minimalist homes. Examples of popular colors are much-loved white, silver, and beige. In addition to being popular, the colors are a neutral color that will match combined with any color.


  1. A house paint colors

Besides choose paint colors that are popular, you can choose your favorite color for your minimalist home design that looks luxurious. Favorite colors you can make a house look luxurious and elegant if applied properly and appropriately. You can also combine your favorite color with another color, like a neutral color or a color that is still a kind with your favorite color. Suppose you have a favorite color is red, then you can combine with the color of dark gray of baby pink.


  1. Paint color matching

Selection of paint color for the façade of the house also should be based on harmony with furniture or other home exterior, such as the color of the gate or fence. Design house paint colors minimalist façade adapted to the color of furniture or exterior of the house will make the scene façade of your house will look more harmonious. In addition, choosing colors that are customized to the exterior of the house can also make the house feel more comfortable and quiet.


  1. House paint color combinations

As already described in my favorite color points at the top, that makes minimalist design house paint colors façade should be selected by combining 2 or 3 colors. The combination of two or more colors will make you look out of the house does not seem monotonous. To choose a color that matches combined, you can see the color catalog. The colors are fit to be combined based on the color wheel is very diverse, for example aligned colors, colors that from the letter T, the letter X, and others.

What is epoxy floor ?

About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a floor coating system using the two-component paints (2K), which consists of an epoxy resin which serves as an adhesive and a polyamine or polyamine which serves as a hardener or hardener.

Excess Epoxy Floor

Using epoxy flooring is the most appropriate way to get the floor clean, sturdy, and easy to clean without higienes seen the nat connection. By applying epoxy floor, the building will look more elegant and clean.

Applications Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring is usually applied to the floor factory, warehouse, hospital, supermarket, floor mall parking ( car park ), workshop, show room, laboratory, etc. But the house floor coated with epoxy flooring will provide beauty and uniqe compared using floors in general.

Types of epoxy floor :

  • Epoxy Primer : 2 types of epoxy flooring component (2C), which consists of epoxy resin and hardener, serves as a base layer that will penetrate into the concrete, glue (bonding) between the concrete floor with epoxy floor coating thereon that can stick perfectly.
  • Body Coating : Type of epoxy floor 2 component (2C), which consists of epoxy resin and hardener, serves as a coat or enhancer body layer thickness with the addition of talc can be used as an ingredient pendempul to flatten the surface of the concrete floor.
  • Epoxy Mortar : Epoxy floor two component (2C), which consists of epoxy resin and hardener, colored clear + silica sand, usually applied to connect patching holes and cracks or gaps in the concrete surface.
  • Epoxy Self-Levelling : The type of epoxy floor 2 component (2C), which consists of epoxy resin and hardener, which serves as the final layer will provide hardness, chemical resistance, friction resistance and provides vibrant colors. At a certain thickness of paint can give itself like water flowing effect ( Self-Levelling ) which makes the paint surface smooth and flat
  • Epoxy Clear Gloss : Gloss epoxy floor types transparent (Clear Gloss), two component (2C), which consists of epoxy resin and hardener, serves as the final layer. This type of paint able to withstand the acidic substances and chemicals with highly concentrated. This paint can also be used to protect and strengthen the concrete surface to increase flexibility and strength abrasion.
  • Epoxy Floor Price : When compared to the usefulness of epoxy floor price is relatively cheap with a price range of Rp. 50.000/m2 to Rp. 300.000,-/m2 depending on the application system and its thickness. Epoxy flooring systems can reduce the cost of a much lighter for easier maintenance, easy to clean floors, it will reduce the cost of care.